…and I can prove it

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We have three dogs: Sydney, Riley, Chewie. They are all rescue dogs with some level of mental or personality disorder. We love them all, but three dogs is 2.5 too many.

Today is Doggie Spa Day at the Stanford Ranch. All three pups purchased the “Queen for a Day” package…

Song parody of “Sleepin’ Single In A Double Bed” by Barbara Mandrell

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Ruining a country music classic. Play the video at the end to sing along!

Verse 1
Sleeping triple with your dog in bed
What the hell has he been fed
I should have left you when he slept between
With his breath smelling like sardine, ooh

Sleeping triple with your…

Science Fiction Short Story

Inspired by Philip K. Dick’s “The Eyes Have It”

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

Life as an undercover cop is tough, particularly in my department. I long for the days I was deep cover in the drug cartels. I would still be working there if this new agency hadn’t been funded. …

100-Word Microfiction

Shark Tank cast misses another opportunity

Photo courtesy of ABC

Thomas: Sharks. Let me introduce to you indoor plumbing. My invention will allow people to do their sanitary business inside their homes, eliminating the need for outhouses.

Lori: Your company doesn’t have enough experience. No.

Robert: I can’t see how that will ever sell. No.

Mark: It’s a no because…


The scent of a memory

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Rebecca pulled the filigree stopper on the amethyst glass perfume bottle. That familiar scent of jasmine, lingonberry, and amber rose in swirls to meet her nostrils with a calm beyond any other experience. It reminded her of the single best moment of her life. The moment she wanted to relive…

Wisdom passed through the ages in real-time

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The technology to talk through time has revolutionized modern life. We still can’t physically transport across eras, but simply talking to the future or past has been incredible.


School projects have been transformed with the ability to get the true first-hand accounts. Dead languages have been revived. Mysteries…


Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?

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We need to talk.

That’s all it says.

Message received loud and clear. This isn’t the first time he has communicated this message. This won’t be the last before it’s done.

Never mind we can’t literally talk.

Never mind we are physically as far away from each other as human…

Laina Stanford

Lover of the witty, surreal, off-beat, quirky, and humorous

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